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Everything You Need to Know About Hive Heating Plus – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

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Hive Heating Plus

Want to cut heating costs and make your home more energy efficient? Hive Heating Plus could be the solution for you. It offers a ton of smart features that help you optimise your heating, save money, and shrink your carbon footprint. Let’s explore what Hive Heating Plus is all about and if it’s the right choice for your home.

What is Hive Heating Plus?

Hive Heating Plus is a subscription service from Hive Home that turns your regular central heating system into a smart heating system. It unlocks extra features to your existing Hive products and gives you powerful tools to manage your home heating efficiently. Along with precision control, you gain insightful usage data, smart schedule optimisation, and an extended warranty.

What are the key features of Hive Heating Plus?

    • Heating History: Track your heating usage with daily, weekly, and monthly insights. Analyze trends and see how to save.
    • Schedule Assist: Optimise your heating schedule, tailoring it perfectly to your routine for enhanced comfort and reduced energy expenditure.
    • Heating Efficiency Monitor: Receive alerts if your system isn’t heating properly, potentially preventing breakdowns and costly repairs.
    • Budget tracker: Track your spending goals, create a monthly budget, and get progress updates so you know where you stand.
    • Carbon Calculator: Monitor your carbon footprint and compare to similar homes in your area to understand your home’s emissions profile.
    • Extended Warranty: Protect your Hive products with an expanded warranty.
    • Hive Discounts: Receive exclusive discounts across the range of Hive Home products.

How does Hive Heating Plus help me save money on central heating?

Hive Heating Plus helps you save money in several ways. The Heating History function lets you examine your energy usage. Then Schedule Assist and the budget tracker ensure you’re only using energy when necessary. It even spots heating inefficiencies, letting you address issues before they cause major energy waste. Plus, Hive devices themselves provide efficient control over your heating.

What’s the difference between a traditional thermostat and a Hive thermostat?

A traditional thermostat provides basic on/off controls for your heating system. A Hive thermostat is a smart thermostat. It connects to your Wi-Fi, gives you app-based controls, lets you set heating schedules, and allows you to control your heating system using voice commands. Plus, it learns your home’s comfort and energy efficiency characteristics to help you personalise heating for maximum savings.

How does Hive Heating Plus improve my home heating efficiency?

Hive Heating Plus offers tools to understand, optimise and monitor the efficiency of your system. Its insights guide your schedule tweaks. Plus, you’ll receive alerts if your boiler or heating isn’t performing optimally, letting you troubleshoot before issues snowball.

Do I need a Hive Hub to use Hive Heating Plus?

Yes, to use Hive Heating Plus features, you will need a Hive Hub. This Hub connects to your home router and serves as the central controller for your Hive devices.

How to control your heating with the Hive app

The Hive app is your command center. Schedule heating from anywhere, adjust the temperature, check your energy usage, and enjoy advanced features offered by Hive Heating Plus.

Is Hive Heating Plus easy to install?

Hive Active Heating (which includes the Thermostat) typically requires professional installation. Hive Heating Plus is a purely software-based subscription service, and you should be able to activate it through your Hive account if you already have a Hive system.

Hive Heating Plus Reviews: What are customers saying?

Hive Heating Plus generally receives positive reviews. Customers highlight how easy it is to use, the convenience of app-based control, and the potential for savings on energy bills. Some users would like even more granular controls or data.


Hive Heating Plus offers a choice between an annual subscription (£19.95 billed yearly with one month free) or a monthly rolling subscription (£3.99 per month). You'll also need to purchase a Hive Thermostat compatible with your heating system.

Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. If you have an annual subscription, you can cancel for a partial refund after the first 14 days.

You'll need an existing Hive Thermostat or other compatible Hive heating devices, a Hive Hub, and a smartphone or tablet to run the Hive app. You should also have broadband internet.

Hive Heating Plus should work with most modern gas boilers that supply central heating. If you have an older or unusual system, it's a good idea to check compatibility on the Hive website before subscribing.

The amount you can save with Hive Heating Plus depends on several factors, like your current heating habits, home insulation, and energy prices. However, many users report significant savings due to the increased control and energy insights the service provides.

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